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  • Prioritize AI Upskilling - June 19, 2024

Prioritize AI Upskilling - June 19, 2024

PLUS: The slow rate of employee growth, a preboarding checklist & more.

Welcome, grab a seat! 👋 In this edition, we’re going to be talking about the importance of AI upskilling (hint: you should not postpone this further!), as well as the latest industry happenings and some fresh resources to help you get ahead.

In today’s edition: 


AI upskilling: you should prioritize it!

AI skills

Slack’s Workforce Index, released earlier this month, has revealed a slew of must-know insights that can help business leaders rethink and reprioritize when it comes to their approach to AI implementation.

The survey was taken by over 10k desk workers around the world and showed that AI users rank higher across all measures of employee engagement and experience. Specifically, AI users (compared to colleagues who don’t use AI) reported:

  • +18 % work–life balance 🧘

  • +23 % ability to manage stress

  • +24 % overall work satisfaction

  • +25 % flexibility

  • +29 % likelier to say they are highly passionate about their job

Despite the evident benefits of using AI at work, 37 % of companies appear to have no clear AI policy, and unclear permissions for AI use deters workers from trying it. Additionally, very few (15 %) employees feel that they’ve received the necessary training and support from their employer to use AI effectively.

With these statistics in mind, you may want to bring your AI upskilling efforts into the foreground, if you haven’t already. A good place to start is by creating an AI policy and then identifying specific AI skills that would benefit your company the most. Then you can assess any skill gaps and create an actionable plan to address them quickly. 🎯

— Electra Michaelidou


A report from SoftwareOne reveals that skill growth is slow compared to the rapid rate of digital transformation. [HR Dive]

The US Supreme Court sided with Starbucks, which had a judicial order to rehire seven Memphis fired employees. [HR Dive]

Unsafe scaffolding in Hyde Park killed a worker while a second was left severely injured. OSHA is investigating the incident and safety measures. [CBS News]


Embrace future-ready hiring with Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM is an AI-powered recruitment software that seamlessly integrates ATS and CRM functionalities, designed to make recruiters’ lives easier.

It’s a go-to solution for recruitment agencies across 100+ countries, looking to optimize their hiring process with efficiency and precision.

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  • AI candidate matching: Leverage AI to match candidates to job openings with pinpoint accuracy.

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  • Chrome sourcing extension: Easily source candidates directly from platforms like LinkedIn and add them to your database.

Workflow Automation:

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New hire integration: A seamless process

preboarding checklist

Ensure a smooth start for your new hires with our comprehensive Preboarding Checklist. From essential paperwork to team introductions, this guide covers everything you need to set the stage for success and make your new employees feel welcome from day one.

Another masterful HR gift coming your way next week :)

The all-in-one platform to analyze diversity metrics and employee feedback — and create more inclusive workplaces. [Diversio]

James Timpson’s bestseller is packed with management tools and leadership advice for a happier, healthier workforce. [Amazon]



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Created with care by Chris Leitch, Joanna Zambas, and Electra Michaelidou.