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  • Quiet Vacationing - June 12, 2024

Quiet Vacationing - June 12, 2024

PLUS: What Gen Zers expect, a company policy checklist & more.

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In today’s edition: 


What’s really behind “quiet vacationing”


A recent survey of 1,050 corporate workers has shown that 1 in 8 employees are planning on “quiet vacationing” over the summer months. In other words: they plan on taking time away from work without informing anybody.

Not just that, but 1 in 4 employees are also intending to start clocking out early on Fridays during the summer, even if their company does not offer Summer Fridays. ⛱️

When you’re in a leadership or HR role, these numbers can seem alarming — but before you start to eye your team suspiciously, it’s good to understand what causes employees to secretly take time off so you can tackle the root of the problem.

The survey showed that:

  • 33 % of employees are “too anxious” to ask for paid leave 😰

  • 30 % believe that using their PTO makes them look less hardworking

  • 29 % think that taking PTO increases their chances of being let go of

To combat these “quiet vacations” (also referred to as “hush trips”), it may be good to reflect on the culture of your organization. Is it one that promotes trust, or do your employees generally seem uncomfortable voicing their needs?

Taking breaks and having a healthy work–life balance has been proven to boost productivity, so you may want to remind your employees of that, encouraging them to take time to recharge when they need it. The more you do that, the less anxious or guilty they will feel about using their PTO.

— Electra Michaelidou


A positive work environment (82.4 %) and fair pay (82.2 %) are among the generation’s top requirements. [iHire]

An Intertek Alchemy report found site-specific images and content in training materials enhances productivity and safety. [HR Dive]

The market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.28% between 2024 and 2028, thanks to digitization. [HRO News]


Company policy checklist for new hires 

Do you want to make sure all your new hires receive the correct information? Use this template to check that you have everything under wrap. From policies to workplace regulations and safety, we have you covered!

The two-page checklist will ensure your HR department is at the top of their game, and will impress any new hire.

Another masterful HR gift coming your way next week :)

In this episode, host Cindi Koetzle discusses how HR departments can be armed with the tools for a diverse and inclusive environment.  — [Nine to Thrive HR].

Building a positive environment at work is essential! This short infographic will show you how recognition can impact a strong work environment.  — [HR PEOPLE].



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