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  • Mental Health Matters - May 22, 2024

Mental Health Matters - May 22, 2024

PLUS: The benefits of using AI, an employee satisfaction survey & more.

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Do you know what month it is? 📅 It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, so we’re shining the spotlight on some must-see research on employee wellbeing, followed by the latest industry news and resources.

In today’s edition: 


The biggest threats to employee wellbeing

Mental health

With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to shift the spotlight onto the (harsh) realities of employee wellness and what working professionals are experiencing in the workplace.

As Calm’s 2024 Voice of the Workplace Report has shown, employees around the world are struggling. Sadly, this is despite HR professionals’ efforts to combat stress and depression in the workplace with various initiatives. ⚕️

Of the 4,000 respondents:

  • 69 % said their mental health has stayed the same or worsened in the last year

  • 61 % said they’ve felt down, depressed or hopeless in the last month

  • 68 % said they’ve had trouble falling asleep over the last month

To help employees feel better, preserve their productivity and retain your best talent, the first step is to understand their concerns: to know exactly what is impacting their mental health so negatively. 😤

According to the report, these are the top 5 areas your employee mental health support should focus on in the next 1–2 years:

  • Youth mental health

  • Grief

  • Fertility and pregnancy/postpartum

  • Financial stress

  • Menopause support

— Electra Michaelidou


According to a report from Cognizant, more than half of HR tasks could be performed by AI, leaving a bleak future for HR workers. [HR Dive].

Nearly 4 in 10 Millennials have taken time off without communicating it to their managers because they don’t want to appear as slackers. [CNBC Make It]

With leaders across the globe pushing for the adoption of gen AI, workers are left feeling strained and uncomfortable with the impact on the workplace. [IBM]


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Created with care by Chris Leitch, Joanna Zambas, and Electra Michaelidou.