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  • Gen Z Feedback Goes Viral - June 05, 2024

Gen Z Feedback Goes Viral - June 05, 2024

PLUS: The most-wanted employee benefit, a warning notice template & more.

Happy Hump Day! 😄 We’re back with a specially curated newsletter of this week’s HR news, trends, stories and resources to help you shape organizational success and drive team engagement. And we also want to remind you it’s World Environment Day — in case you’re planning to spread some awareness in the office.

In today’s edition: 


Managers are puzzled as Gen Z feedback goes viral 

With managers’ feedback and private HR conversations going viral, team leaders and bosses are afraid to have uncomfortable conversations with their teams. They feel that Gen Zers are unprepared to accept any form of criticism and have a “coddled” mentality.

So, how can you give feedback to help your staff grow when you’re afraid of affecting their psychological state and happiness?

Joaquin Duato, the chairman and CEO of J&J says: “The sooner you step past yourself, listen to others, and connect more fully with your teams, the sooner you will be able to release and leverage all the human traits critical to get positive results”.

When delivered in real time, feedback can sound less harsh, and the receiver can relate better to the context as the situation is fresh. So, as a manager, try to tackle problems head on, instead of waiting for a better date to arise.

— Joanna Zambas


64 % of surveyed employees are pushing for a 4-day workweek, but only 42 % of employers are inclined to make it happen. [HR Grapevine]

Roles in sales, operations and engineering are on the chopping block. The report comes after the tech giant laid off an unspecified number of employees in April. [HRWorld]

The prediction is down 5 % from 2023, and was revised following previous estimates it would increase to 5.1 % this year. [HRD America]


Employee warnings: Simplified

Issuing a warning can feel a little awkward, yet it’s necessary to convey the seriousness of the situation and encourage a change in behavior. Our Employee Warning Notice Template can make drafting your letter more straightforward, ensuring you take a record of all vital information.

Another masterful HR gift coming your way next week :)

A webinar led by Caitlin Nobes and Jason Stout on optimizing your employee engagement and retention strategies. [HR Dive]

Harvard alumnus James Aird provides insights into employee learning and development in SMBs. [The HR Hub]



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