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  • Coffee Badging - May 15, 2024

Coffee Badging - May 15, 2024

PLUS: Amazon CEO's in hot water, an employee engagement plan & more.

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Grab your favorite roast. ☕ Ever heard of coffee badging? It’s the latest term being spread across HR rooms. Today, we dive into the meaning, ways to fix it, plus much more exciting news from across the globe!

In today’s edition: 


Coffee badging: What in the…? 🥴

coworkers drinking coffee

The return to the office seemed like a great idea to management teams across the globe. Getting their staff all into the same room seems like a productivity magic act ready to happen! 

Yet, to a lot of HR managers’ surprise, the return to the office brought on “coffee badging”. A bunch of staff gather in the office for a cup of their favorite beverage ☕ and a little gossip, leaving little to no time for actual work! Or a staff member that clocks in to earn their badge of honor 🏆 before heading out to their next job.😬

So, how do you stop the office becoming a social environment instead of a place to work?

Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Lead by example: If you expect your team members to be at work at a certain time or work a number of hours, then you need to set a prime example for them to follow.

  • Give flexible schedules: Flexible working hours can help employees manage their naturally busy lives, and they’re more likely to focus during the hours that can work productively.

  • Arrange social events: A great way to avoid people socializing on company time is to offer a handful of social events that staff can look forward to.

  • Compensate employees: A great salary and benefits will deter your team from working elsewhere or wasting time doing other chores.

  • Update work policies: Update your work policies to remove freelancing or other options from employees.

— Joanna Zambas


A National Labor Relations Board judge has ruled that Andy Jassy’s anti-unionization comments violate federal labor law. [SHRM]

A federal judge has upended a rule that would hold big franchisers responsible for the conditions of workers they have not directly hired. [NY Times]

A recent report has shown job security and work–life balance to be the top two challenges for women in revenue-generating roles. [HR Dive]


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Created with care by Chris Leitch, Joanna Zambas, and Electra Michaelidou.