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  • Employee Productivity Packages - April 03, 2024

Employee Productivity Packages - April 03, 2024

PLUS: Disney's new CEO, an employee handbook & more.

Happy Hump Day! 🐪 We’re back with more insights, news and advice to make your HR life easier. Plus, we’ve uncovered the most useful resources you need to know about.

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Companies should prioritize care benefits, research shows

Career recognition

Care.com, an online marketplace for caregiving support, recently released a report showing that employees, regardless of age, greatly appreciate care-related benefits. As a result, that can determine employee productivity and just how successful the company is. 🙌

Specifically, the 2024 Future of Benefits Report states that, since accessing childcare and senior care benefits can be essential in performing one’s job, employers who provide them directly enhance team engagement and productivity. 🎯

This holds true for both younger and older workers: Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Boomers agree that caregiving support is vital. So much so that 21 % of the 1,000 benefits-eligible employee respondents stated that they would change jobs to obtain this type of support — 20 % stated they have previously left a job for this reason.

Meanwhile, of the 620 C-level executives and HR professionals surveyed, more than half (55 %) are prioritizing childcare benefits in 2024, up 10 % from the previous year; 50 % are also focusing on senior care benefits, up 7 % since 2023.

As RTO arrangements increase, care benefits allow employees to transition back into the office setting more smoothly. This is made all the more evident by the survey: child care and senior care benefits ranked among the top 3 for employee respondents!

— Electra Michaelidou


Workers can authorize a “third party”, including a union rep, to accompany OSHA officers during workplace inspections. [The National Law Review]

About 500k workers across the state are now earning $ 4/hour higher than the overall state minimum wage. [CNN]

If chosen as Bob Iger’s successor, the TV executive will become Disney’s first female CEO in its 100-year history. [CNBC]


The ultimate resource for HR pros

Essential HR Handbook

Whether you’re new to HR management, want a quick refresher course, or need a reference point for all things HR, we’ve got a little something for you: The Essential HR Handbook. Across its 20+ pages, you’ll find everything you need to know about recruitment, onboarding, compliance — and more.

Another masterful HR gift coming your way next week :)

Get to know alternative approaches to managing and appreciating diverse factors that motivate workers. [Coursera]

Learn how to create an HR rhythm that allows you to take on higher priority tasks. [Spotify]



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