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  • The Key to Employee Happiness - Mar 27, 2024

The Key to Employee Happiness - Mar 27, 2024

PLUS: generative AI, an employee development plan & more.

Happy Wednesday, HR pros. 👋 We’ve made it through half of another week. And as Easter breaks approach, we uncover the key to employee happiness, among other gripping headlines across the globe.

In today’s edition: 


This is the key to employee happiness 🗝️

employee happiness

It’s no surprise that employee engagement has been on the decline ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. And while many companies — both big and small — have tried to address the problem, Academy of Management panelists think they’ve been going about it the wrong way. ⛔

They say that offering workers flexibility and more money can drive their fulfillment and happiness at work, but it’s not enough. Their solution? Create a community.

“A really good organization is a really good community,” says panelist Christian Busch from the University of Southern California. Indeed, when workers feel a sense of belonging and community, they feel safer, less lonely and more engaged — and, ultimately, happier. 😊

Simone Phipps from Middle Georgia State University agrees, recommending that organizations “provide a listening ear and an open environment for dialogue”, either through listening sessions or counseling benefits.

The point is to treat employees as individual people — and not just a collective clog in the corporate wheel. And when you do this, your organization reaps the benefits as much as your people do.

— Chris Leitch


HR Executive — Are HR departments taking the time to understand the use of generative AI? Brian Sommer explores this in detail.

The Verge — An employee faced dismissal after violating the company’s policies when they publicly protested the company’s work for the Israeli military.

TechCrunch — If employees misbehave, the company is allowed to purchase back the stock. However, employees aren’t aware of this rule when initially signing up.


People growth… made simple

employee development plan

Want to develop your people’s skills while expanding their talents in your company? Our downloadable Employee Development Plan template will help you start the process!

Featuring insightful prompts for defining actionable steps for people growth, you’ll align both employee and company goals in next to no time.

Another masterful HR gift coming your way next week :)

McLean & Company —  Create a hi-po program to identify and train high performing employees to drive your organization forward.

HiBob — An extensive guide by HiBob’s content manager, Tali Sachs, on enhancing 13 HR functions with AI.



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