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Meetings Trump Productivity - Mar 20, 2024 Newsletter

PLUS: why AI isn’t good for your wellbeing, an employee training plan & more.

Welcome back! 👋 As Trump and Biden race against each other in the polls for the presidential elections, we’re looking a little closer to home, bringing you the latest HR news, tips and insights you need to know about.

In today’s edition:


Meetings destroy productivity, study finds

According to a recent study by Atlassian of over 5,000 workers, 4 in 5 workers said that it’s hard to get their work done with so many meetings. There is a bigger drain on productivity, followed by unclear goals and responsibilities, and a lack of motivation.

If a meeting goes on for more than 30 minutes, you’re also likely to lose the interest of your attendees. Yet, so many managers fail to meet these criteria. 👎 So, if you’re reading in horror, here are a few tips to ensure your next meeting is productive and inspiring.

  • Define the purpose of the meeting. What do you want to achieve from your meeting? If the meeting is to receive an opinion, opt for a poll instead. If you need to share information, could you do this in a report? 📜 It’s important to understand the reason for the meeting and the delivery methods.

  • Have a clear agenda. Ensure the purpose of your meeting is very clear, have listed points you want to meet, and don’t stray from the topic. It’s easy to go off-track, but that’s when you start to lose the interest of your attendees.

  • Invite necessary team members. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a meeting that you don’t need to be included in. So, only invite necessary team members and share meeting minutes with the rest of the group.

  • Invite feedback. During the meeting, ask if there are any concerns or roadblocks and ask for feedback and tips on the effectiveness of the meeting.

Joanna Zambas


Guardian — The Institute for the Future of Work surveyed 6,000+ people and found that AI-based software can harm people’s quality of life.

People Matters — An additional 1°C rise in temperature will expose workers in many regions to heat stress, resulting in lost productivity.

Femtech Insider — 74 % of women experiencing symptoms that affect their work lives, study has shown, yet workplace measures remain inadequate.


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Employee training plan

When employees receive regular training, it helps improve their existing skills and learn new ones. In addition, it also helps boost performance and productivity — and lower turnover. And you can achieve that with our Employee Training Plan: your documented roadmap for educating employees.

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