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  • Absenteeism in The Workplace - Mar 13, 2024 Newsletter

Absenteeism in The Workplace - Mar 13, 2024 Newsletter

PLUS: Biden's fight for funding of workers initiative, an onboarding planner & more.

Welcome, HR maestro! 🎻 In this edition, we’ll be discussing employee wellbeing and absenteeism, and bringing you the latest resources so you can orchestrate a productive week ahead.

In today’s edition:


Absenteeism has increased 300% in 6 years

Absenteeism at work

According to mental health and absence management services provider ComPsych, absenteeism due to mental health-related reasons has risen dramatically over the last few years. Specifically, ComPsych reports that, between 2017 and 2023, the number of absence requests of this nature has increased 300 %.

There was also a significant jump between 2022 and 2023, where mental health leaves of absence increased by one third.

To put this into perspective, data by Gallup suggests that, across the US workforce, unplanned absences due to mental health challenges are costing the economy $ 47.6B in lost productivity every year. 💸

The numbers speak for themselves: any employer that wishes to preserve employee wellbeing — and, subsequently, employee output — needs to invest in providing adequate support to their team. Some ways to reduce absenteeism include:

Raising awareness. Training managers and leaders to recognize the symptoms of poor mental health in the workplace, such as irritability and lack of engagement, is important.

It’s equally important to demonstrate genuine interest and empathy rather than focus entirely on an individual’s productivity when bringing this up.

Encouraging communication. Creating a safe environment and facilitating regular check-ins with employees can make teams feel cared for.

The sooner they come to you with their concerns, the quicker you can work together to find a solution that works for them. 🗣️

Being proactive. Encouraging employees to take their PTO, making mental health days available, and providing flexibility where possible can help reduce stress levels.

Normalizing talking about and prioritizing employee wellbeing makes teams more comfortable to speak up about their needs.

Electra Michaelidou


The White House — Biden proposes a minimum of 25 % tax on billionaires to help fund workers initiatives.

SHRM — Key parental benefits that will help moms transition back into the workplace after having a baby.

USC — Automated tools are making the hiring process much more efficient, but at what cost?


You hired someone new… Now what?

Employee onboarding planner

It’s time to welcome them to the family and introduce them to your company’s policies and processes. And our handy Employee Onboarding Planner will help you do just that — from before their first day through to their first three months.

Another masterful HR gift coming your way next week :)

Blog Talk Radio —  Paul Glover discusses the rise and importance of union activity in today’s society.

AI HR Academy — Discover the top 11 trends in HR for 2024 and how they can apply to your team.



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