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  • In-Demand Employee Benefits - July 03, 2024

In-Demand Employee Benefits - July 03, 2024

PLUS: Employee disengagement cost, an employee complaint form & more.

Welcome back HR warriors. 🤝 Are you ready for some insights on employee benefits? Plus, the latest news and trends over the last week? Stick around to see what we have in store.

In today’s edition: 


The benefits that are in high demand

health benefits

For the first time ever, menopause health is an important factor according to SHRM’s latest survey. The poll of more than 4,500 respondents found that 88 % said they considered health benefits either “very” or “extremely” important, with 82 % offering preferred provider organization plans and 63 % offering high-deductible health plans.

According to the survey, addressing the needs of employees with menopause is “becoming increasingly relevant”, with 10 % of menopausal women making up the US workforce. But it’s not just menopause that needs to be addressed; paid time off for health-related issues is also at the forefront. Most companies are currently offering, on average, 20 paid days off, but is that really enough across the year?

The survey concluded the following data ranked by  importance:

  • Healthcare: 88 %

  • Leave: 81 %

  • Retirement and savings planning: 81 %

  • Flexible work: 70 %

  • Family care: 67 %

  • Professional and career development: 60 %

Let us know what type of benefits your employees want by hitting the “Reply” button.

— Joanna Zambas


Gallup data has shown that low employee engagement is costing the global economy just under $ 9 trillion yearly; the equivalent to 9 % of the global GDP. [The Business Journals]

Johnny C Taylor Jr says HR professionals are facing unprecedented challenges on various fronts, including automation and DEI efforts. [TechTarget]

Despite their unfavorable reputation, there are significant differences in the work-related attitudes of Gen Z employees around the world. [theHRDIRECTOR]


Keep track of workplace complaints

Making sure your employees feel heard is imperative in keeping your team happy and engaged. Our Employee Complaint Form template can help with that, allowing you to quickly and accurately take note of any issues so you may address them as soon as possible.

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