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  • HR Harms Employee Trust - April 24, 2024

HR Harms Employee Trust - April 24, 2024

PLUS: The struggle to find talent for AI roles, an employee feedback form & more.

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2 in 5 employees don’t trust their HR department

lack of trust

In case you missed it, a survey of over 1,000 US-based employees, which took place last month, showed that 43 % of workers don’t trust their company’s HR department enough to share what’s (really) on their mind. 💭

Conducted by Secure Data Recovery, the survey sought answers from working professionals employed by small businesses, which were defined as teams consisting of 50 employees or under.

The top reasons why 2 in 5 employees report being mistrustful of their company’s HR department include perceived bias, favoritism, inconsistency, lack of employee care and lack of confidentiality. 🤫

And it doesn’t end there… The survey identified yet more woes for HR professionals. For example, a significant number of employees don’t feel comfortable with management “having a hand” in HR operations.

So, what can HR leaders do to inspire a more concrete sense of trust from their teams?

  • Increase your efforts to create a fair and inclusive workplace

  • Communicate frequently and with transparency with your team

  • Involve employees in your processes, requesting feedback and suggestions

— Electra Michaelidou


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Gather valuable feedback from your employees

Employee feedback form

Want to improve your business and increase employee satisfaction? Use this complementary feedback form to gather information from your staff!

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