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  • Employee Engagement - April 17, 2024

Employee Engagement - April 17, 2024

PLUS: The truth about using AI at work, a performance review template & more.

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5 reasons your company needs a volunteer program

volunteer program

The numbers have spoken: workers who volunteer through employer-sponsored programs are far happier with their work lives compared to colleagues who aren’t.

According to a global survey by Edge Research for Ares Management (with 5,000 participants in full-time employment), 79 % of volunteer participants reported being satisfied with each aspect of their work lives compared to just 55 % of non-volunteers.

The 12 individual aspects that participants were asked to rate their happiness for included their work environment, camaraderie with coworkers, the ability to develop additional skills, and their company’s leadership and governance.

Across each one, volunteer participants expressed higher satisfaction, leading to the following key findings:

  1. Employers that provide workplace volunteer programs have a happier workforce. 😊

  2. Workplace volunteer programs allow team members to develop precious skills.

  3. Gen Z workers are especially motivated to give back to their community while boosting their skill set.

  4. When employers lead with purpose, employee motivation goes up.

  5. Successful volunteer programs are backed by executive leaders and take into account employees’ preferences on volunteer activities.

Unsurprisingly, employees who can participate in employer-sponsored volunteering programs are also twice as likely to recommend their employer to jobseekers. This shows how critical a component volunteering programs can be in an employer’s efforts to both attract and retain top talent. 🧲

— Electra Michaelidou


A newly proposed Congress bill requires employers to notify employees when AI is used for workplace decisions. [HR Grapevine]

Intelligence analyst Mike Kosak warns companies to “be on alert” of these types of scams which are “spreading”. [LastPass]

A Wells Fargo analysis found that the personal saving rate fell to 3.6 % in February, the lowest level in more than a year. [CNN]


Your performance review process starts here…

Performance review

At least once a year, you need to make the time to evaluate your employees’ work performance. Not sure where to start? You’ll need this handy Performance Review template (from us to you)!

Another masterful HR gift coming your way next week :)

A discussion around actions completed by HR staff that could easily be avoided to save time. [Paycom]

A list of 10 workflows that can be automated in an HR department to optimize work processes. [PeopleForce]



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